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How can anything offer direction in life unless it points to something greater? We strive to always point people to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit through personal counseling. Our leadership team desires to care for the whole person, bringing all aspects of life into alignment with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. As spiritual strongholds from the past are exposed and broken through the power of God, people and their relationships can be healed.

Day Seven Ministries

We're glad that you're curious and we're happy that you're here. We've found that the people who wonder about who we are and what we do have one important characteristic in common: they haven't given up hope.

The Live with Purpose Church family has partnered with us to promote the wellbeing of people who, at one point or another, felt hopelessness creeping into their lives. Some scenarios require more intensive, on-going counseling than can be provided by their pastoral leadership team; that's where we come in.

Day Seven Ministries is a Christian-led counseling firm dedicated to tackling the tough conversations. The topics that weigh heavy on our hearts. Our individually-tailored counseling plans are created specifically for your life and your situation by our experienced counselors; each and every client will take different steps toward change and grace, and at their own pace. In short, you story of hope is uniquely yours. We're simply happy to help you find it.

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Marriage Counseling

Live With Purpose Church believes in and is committed to building strong, God-centered marriages and families. Our Pastoral Team considers it an honor and a privilege each time a couple comes to us for anything from relationship advice, to Pre-Marital Counseling, or marriage enrichment. Pastor Ryan & Jodi are certified facilitators for Prepare/Enrich – a relational approach to pre-marital counseling and/or marriage enrichment, which focuses on Communication within the relationship to facilitate healthy dialogue in every area of life together.

More about Marriage Counseling

Some of the other things that our counseling team typically deals with are:

  • Healing from depression
  • Deliverance from shame & condemnation
  • Behavioral/habit transformation
  • Grief comfort
  • Fear, Stress, & Anxiety relief
  • Overcoming rejection
  • Freedom from the pain of offense

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