The Seven Mountain Vision

The Seven Mountain prophecy was a word that simultaneously came to YWAM founder Loren Cunningham and Campus Crusade for Christ founder, Bill Bright, in 1975. It holds that American culture is comprised of seven spheres of influence (listed below) which stand as strategic territory for the Gospel of Jesus. These segments of society can either be influenced by the righteous and their ideals or by the wiles and falsehoods of the devil’s kingdom. We believe that we’re to play a part in this vision, not only with the mountains of religion and the marketplace where we currently function, but all seven as we walk forward, led by the Holy Spirit. We’ll seek to go where God leads us and venture into any realm that He’ll have us go as we train, appoint and release disciple makers to fulfill this vision for the purposes of our Lord.

The Seven Spheres of Cultural Influence

  • Church & Ministry: Live with Purpose Church
  • Business: Live with Purpose Coaching
  • Family: Live with Purpose Family
  • Arts & Entertainment: Live with Purpose Creative
  • Education: Live with Purpose Education
  • Media: Live with Purpose Communications
  • Government: Live with Purpose Government

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